Help attract – and keep – the right people

Help attract – and keep – the right people for your business through customised novated leasing renumeration packages.

Get Novated will work with you to develop novated leasing packages for you to offer your employees that include a bunch of savings across vehicle tax and running costs.

This means that you’ll have the ability to offer financial benefits to staff without the cost of increasing salaries – and you’ll also save yourself time and money (you’ll no longer need to buy or maintain fleet vehicles, and you will no longer be liable for vehicle damages – as the vehicle will be in your employee’s name).

As part of the Get Novated leasing package, you’ll receive:

  • One monthly invoice for all novated vehicles
  • Consolidated reporting to monitor novated leases
  • Novated leasing experts available to support your employees with questions and customised salary packaging
  • Discounted vehicle prices and fleet management services through the AMI Group’s network
  • Flexible terms to suit you and your employees
  • Assistance with reporting and management
  • Optional salary packaging and payroll management services

Salary packaging is a great way to recognise the hard work of your existing employees and can also be an attractive benefit for new starters – without having to increase salaries.

A novated lease salary package means that your employees can select a car they’d like to lease, and then make repayments for the car from their pre-tax salary.

This enables them to enjoy significant tax savings over the course of their lease, and avoid having to pay GST on the original purchase price of the car.

It also means that you don’t have to worry about maintaining a fleet for your business.

Give us a call and one of our friendly Get Novated team members will work with you to set up a tailored novated lease package that is right for your business and for your employees.

Get Novated will help you to set up an easy lease repayment schedule for your business and your employees – repayments will be made through deductions directly from your employee’s salaries.

Novated lease packaging can cover the running costs of the vehicle including fuel, roadside assistance, servicing and maintenance, tyres, insurance and registration.

Ask us what kind of packaging we can offer your business and your employees.

Your employee can choose to take their lease with them and re-novate it with their new employer – or it can become a finance-only lease (similar to a personal loan).

Our Get Novated team will work directly with your employee to discuss their options – you wont need to do a thing!

Novated leasing means that you won’t have to fund the purchase of new vehicles for your business – and you’ll also enjoy a decrease in payroll tax and WorkCover expenses.

Both you and your employees will have the support of the experienced Get Novated team every step of the way – from setting up salary packaging for your business and dealing with initial enquiries from your employees, to discussing and setting up the financial and leasing arrangements, and client aftercare throughout the term of the lease.


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Once you are approved for a novated lease, and have selected your car, it’s time for you to enjoy:

  • no deposit or upfront costs – your lease includes the car price and accessories, dealer delivery charges, registration, stamp duty, and the novated lease establishment fee
  • no out of pocket running costs – such as fuel, repairs and servicing and replacement tyres
  • assistance in trading in or selling your current car
  • access to our online portal – for real-time reports on fuel and servicing transactions
  • the ability to take the lease (and car!) with you if you change employers.

At the end of your lease, you can:

  • sell or trade-in your car and lease a new one
  • refinance the amount that is left on the lease and continue leasing the same car
  • pay out the amount left on your lease and own your car outright

Get Novated will contact you prior to the end date of your lease to discuss your options.

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