With novated leasing you could be driving the car you’ve always wanted and save GST, income tax and running costs.

Novated leasing is a financial arrangement between you and your employer (and a novated lease company – us!), where your employer takes on the responsibility of paying for your car lease and running costs out of your salary package – through a combination of pre- and post- tax deductions.

Once the lease is set up, you can enjoy the convenience of driving your car without the worry of paying for things like fuel, servicing and maintenance and tyre replacements – the lease arrangement will cover all this and more!

Have a chat to one of our friendly Get Novated team members who will help discuss the novated lease arrangements with you and your employer.

Your employer makes the monthly lease repayments to Get Novated from your salary, as per the terms of your novated lease agreement.

Repayments for your car are made from your pre-tax salary, which means that there will be significant tax savings over the course of your lease. You’ll also avoid having to pay GST on the original purchase price of your car.

Your lease will cover costs including fuel, roadside assistance, servicing and maintenance, tyres, insurance and registration. You’ll also have access to an online report which provides you with a real-time history of your fuel and service transactions.

You can choose to take your lease with you and re-novate it with your new employer – or it will become a finance only lease (similar to a personal loan).


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Once you are approved for a novated lease, and have selected your car, it’s time for you to enjoy:

  • no deposit or upfront costs – your lease includes the car price and accessories, dealer delivery charges, registration, stamp duty, and the novated lease establishment fee
  • no out of pocket running costs – such as fuel, repairs and servicing and replacement tyres
  • assistance in trading in or selling your current car
  • access to our online portal – for real-time reports on fuel and servicing transactions
  • the ability to take the lease (and car!) with you if you change employers

At the end of your lease, you can:

  • sell or trade-in your car and lease a new one
  • refinance the amount that is left on the lease and continue leasing the same car
  • pay out the amount left on your lease and own your car outright

Get Novated will contact you prior to the end date of your lease to discuss your options.

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